Burning Man 2017 Radical Ritual: Lessons Learned

In August-September 2017, I had the amazing opportunity to attend my first Burning Man Festival in Black Rock City (BRC) a couple hours north of Reno, Nevada. Burning Man is: ‘A city in the desert.  A culture of possibility.  A network of dreamers and doers.’ Looking...

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Did I Hear You Say You Want a New Job?

A LOT of people are looking for a new job. They want to move up, make a move within their own industry, branch out into a new industry. To begin this process, people in need of support often search for a career coach to help them find a new job, practice their...

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My Big Leap: Taking My Life to a New Level

In 2003 there were two major things going on in my life. I was recently separated from my husband and needed support to get through that painful transition.

I was also at a point in my career, about five years into my first real job post doctoral training, where I had an internal realization that I wanted to be a ‘leader.’

At that time, no one in my circle was talking about ‘leadership.’ In my field, you were a leader if you were a technical expert in some aspect of public health.

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Struggling to Manage Time?

Are you struggling to manage your time? This theme is coming up quite a bit with my coaching clients lately so I thought I would share a time management strategy with you.

It’s called the ‘Pomodoro Technique.’ Some of you may be familiar. It’s very simple! If you have a project you need to focus on, decide on an amount of time you want to dedicate to the project, set a timer (I like to use my iPhone), and dedicate your attention to this project for that set amount of time.

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