Two weeks ago I completed a 200 hour yoga teacher training program. During one of the philosophy talks, I learned about many different types of yoga.

Bhakti Yoga, yoga of the heart, really did shoot an arrow straight through to the middle of my heart! As I sat and listened to the story about the amazingly beautiful, divine love between Krishna…

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Amy Cuddy, Change Your Posture, Build Confidence

Amy Cuddy is a social psychologist who is a professor and researcher at Harvard Business School.

In this talk, she talks about how by changing your posture, you can change your body chemistry including your testosterone and cortisol levels. This alone, can have a positive impact

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Margaret Wheatley, Human Capacity, Human Spirit

I believe that creating a fulfilling life consistent with who you are as a unique individual is critical to successful leadership whether we are trying to be leaders in our personal or professional lives. In an email I received earlier today, Margaret Wheatley shared:...

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Simple Idea That Pays it Forward

At Rosa's Fresh Pizza in Center City Philadelphia, they sell pizza by the slice for $1. The owner wanted to sell good pizza for $1/slice. A customer wanted to buy a slice of pizza for a homeless person. The owner put up a post-it-note to signify the purchase. In the...

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Hi everyone and welcome to my blog! On this blog, I will share content to help you take your work and life to a new level, have increased work-life balance, develop your leadership capacity, and trust your internal resources. I will also share stories of inspiration...

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