I benefited greatly from my coaching with Kris on a personal as well as professional level

I had completed a few leadership trainings before, but Kris’ approach to personal leadership was different. She diffused my initial incredulity by showing much understanding and almost palpable care. I opened up and she gently channeled me to look deep inside, find myself and lead from my strengths.

As a result of her coaching I took the bold step of applying for a job that was better aligned with my passion (women and children’s health) even though it was a big risk. Because of the coaching I have a clearer view of who I am and where my values really lie. Thank you, Kris.”


I work in a highly bureaucratic organization and frequently interact with diverse groups. My ability to effectively communicate and interact with these groups is critical to the success of my work.

Over the course of one academic semester I participated in several coaching sessions with Kris and over that time I began to develop an understanding of how my unspoken perceptions and attitudes were affecting my interactions with members of these groups. During our sessions, she provided me with very useful feedback and recommended several strategies to help me improve my personal communication skills. She also assisted me in the identification of my personal and professional strengths and encouraged me to utilize these strengths, as they are critical to my success.

My interactions with others are now much more thoughtful and I am beginning to see the benefits of emphasizing my strengths (as opposed to dwelling on my short-comings). I’m grateful for the time I spent with Kris and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for assistance with personal and professional development.”


Kris is the most influential mentor I have had throughout my academic and professional career.

She instilled in me the confidence and clarity to achieve my professional goals and “step into” my leadership shoes. Kris’ ability to disentangle the various challenges that we all face and provide simple solutions in order to find the most fulfilling path is truly remarkable. I am forever grateful for her honest and life-changing advice.”


Your sessions were extremely helpful to me. I can’t say enough about them and have not yet stopped singing your praises.

You helped me get my groove back, and I thank you for all your assistance. My renewed confidence in my ability to affect change is a direct reflection of our regular sessions during last Summer’s course. I am expecting great things to occur in my life in 2013. Thanks again for the push!”


The work Dr. Kris Risley and I did together in the summer of 2012 was integral in helping me move my professional career forward.

Often as leaders, we get caught up in the frenetic activity that is urgent and sacrifice two tenets in the process:
Putting the critical first and marrying our heart and brain in our interactions with team members. People work for the “why”, they understand the “what” or we wouldn’t have hired them and you can always train the “how”. Kris helped me refocus and place the “why” front and center. May seem simple, but it is a difficult discipline to incorporate consistently in the face of deadlines and deliverables.”


After 7 months of twice-monthly coaching calls with Kris, I have gained greater clarity and focus and I’ve de-cluttered my office space, email inbox, and mind.

These are interrelated and powerful aspects of my life. This de-cluttering has resulted in my being able to make better decisions more quickly. I am able to model my coaching experience (and how Kris interacts with me) to more respectfully interact with others – staff, students, family and friends. This has led to better supervision of staff and greater productivity, and happier interactions with family and friends.

Keys to my success: Kris has coached me to be able to better articulate my values and recognize where and when my life conflicts with or reflects those values. From that place she helps me brainstorm solutions and try them out. Paying attention to how things are working (or not) is a key to my success. Focusing on one thing at a time is also another key. Until I was well into my coaching experience with Kris, I did not realize how important my “view”/immediate physical environment was to my wellbeing. A de-cluttered office space with flowers and pictures of family and friends creates a more peaceful and productive environment for me.”


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