If you’re ready to:

Become a stronger and more effective leader. 

Take your career and life to the next level.

Identify and engage in challenging, innovative work to make the world better.

Live a life that is balanced.

Tap into your intuition.

Trust the light that shines from within.


I can guide your way!

This coaching work is grounded in science. I am particularly guided by the leadership research of Kouzes, Posner, Goleman, Boyatzis, McKee, Rath, Senge, and Scharmer, Cooperrider and Whitney. These leadership experts and researchers are focused on exemplary practices of leadership, leading with emotional intelligence, resonant leadership, strengths based leadership, personal mastery, leading from the emerging future, and building on what is already working. These skills take you above and beyond a particular skill-set and knowledge base and help you move from ‘Good to Great’ (Collins). I am specifically trained and certified as a coach and as such, I am trained to listen deeply and ask questions that help you access your own answers and intuition about what to do. The answers live within you! The coaching process helps you find your own way forward.

Future Self Visualization:
Follow-up Coaching

If after you have listened to the future self visualization and you would like to receive coaching support around your experience, I’d love to work with you. Once you make your purchase, you will be directed to my scheduling link where you can select a time for us to meet.

$97 for a 45 minute session

The Alive Approach to Goal Setting,
Action Planning and Getting on with
Your Crazy, Amazing Life

If you’d like to start making goals based on the values/guiding principles that make you come alive, you can work through this program at your own pace. In this program, I walk you through a values clarification exercise so that you identify up to 10 of your life values/guiding principles that express who you are at your essence. From there, I ask you to identify goals and action steps that align with these values. This exercise is at the core of my coaching work and is life-changing for most of my clients. It truly helps you bring more aliveness into your life!

$47 Self-Directed Program

Follow-up Coaching

If after you have worked through this self-directed program, you’d like a follow-up coaching session to develop your values and/or refine your goals and plan, I’m offering a 90-minute coaching session for $197.

$197 for a 90 minute coaching follow-up

Future Self Visualization MP3

Visualize your future self, move into your life’s journey and gain access to the wisdom that lives inside of you.