Amy Cuddy is a social psychologist who is a professor and researcher at Harvard Business School. In this talk, she talks about how by changing your posture, you can change your body chemistry including your testosterone and cortisol levels. This alone, can have a positive impact on your confidence. I work with many clients who are identifying strategies to silence negative self-talk (often referred to as gremlins or saboteurs in the coaching industry) associated with feeling ‘not enough’ or ‘too much.’ It is important to address the negative self-talk because it may keep us playing small when we actually have a big vision or ideas. There are many ways to address these challenges and changing your body posture is one easy strategy that can result in a change in just a couple of minutes. This is useful especially when you may be spiraling, leading a meeting, nervous or anxious. Add it to your daily routine, prep time, etc. and see what happens.

Watch the Ted.Com Talk Here

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