In 2003 I took a big leap. There were two major things going on in my life that prompted this leap. I was recently separated from my husband and needed support to get through that painful transition. I was also at a point in my career, about five years into my first real job post doctoral training, where I had an internal realization that I wanted to be a ‘leader.’

At that time, no one in my circle was talking about ‘leadership.’ In my field, you were a leader if you were a technical expert in some aspect of public health. Of course, I had a doctoral degree in maternal and child health, a focus on children and youth with special health care needs, and a strong research background so I was considered a leader in that regard but I wanted more.

Intuitively, I had a sense that coach and leadership training would help me mourn the loss of my marriage AND also help me take my career to the next level. After a few months of research, I took a leap and enrolled in a coach-training program with the Coaches Training Institute. I followed that up by enrolling in their intensive leadership development program. These programs changed my life and my work. I was transformed by both programs.

My world opened up to new friends who would help me mourn my relationship and find myself in ways that I had never seen myself. I gained new colleagues across sectors and all over the world; they helped me see the world and my work from new and interesting perspectives. Many of these individuals are still my most trusted friends and colleagues today. I learned a new coaching skill set that I would introduce to my field. My concept of leadership and what it means to lead was turned upside down. It felt like I had been set free!

Karen and Henry Kimsey House are the founders of the Coaches Training Institute where I studied. I was fortunate enough to train directly with both of them. They both influenced my life in ways I could never have imagined and now I work to share what I learned with others. I did not plan to become a leadership coach when I enrolled in that program; however, now I know leadership coaching is a primary part of my purpose in life. I would never have realized this unless I took that leap of faith to trust my instinct and enroll in that program.

Below I’d like to share a short video with Henry Kimsey House about co-active coaching.

View the Video Here

Thank you for reading! Kris

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