A LOT of people are looking for a new job. They want to move up, make a move within their own industry, branch out into a new industry. To begin this process, people in need of support often search for a career coach to help them find a new job, practice their interview skills, improve their networking skills, and engage in informational interviews. All of these things are important and helpful; however, getting a new job does not necessarily solve the underlying problem as to why you are looking for a new job. The grass usually isn’t greener! And, people can find themselves in a new job feeling just the same, if not worse, than they did just before they started their job search.

As a leadership coach who works directly with people to intentionally lead their lives both personally and professionally, I encourage people to take a step back and reflect on one question: Why are you looking for a new job? When I ask this question, people tell me that they don’t feel challenged at work or that the work they are engaged in is not interesting, innovative, or creative. I also hear people say that they don’t have work-life balance. Many times they say that they know they have more to give! Ahhh……more to give! That’s when I get excited!

This is one thing that I know for sure! People have more to give! And by more to give, I mean they have innate and learned gifts to give to their lives, their work, the people in their lives, their communities, our society, and our world! And, indeed, WE need each one of us to share our gifts…MORE. As one beautiful coaching client said to me this morning in response to a conversation around managing negative self-talk (sabateurs), I need to let my light shine!

So, how do you find a new job? I recommend starting with looking at that light that is shining within you! It may be dim, somewhat bright, or bright. Even if it’s dim, it’s there! There are many ways to explore the light! You can identify the values or guiding principles that bring YOU alive (living a fulfilled life is a radical act) and take action to LIVE those values. You can explore your purpose in life and identify strategies to live more on PURPOSE! You can tap into your internal knowingness for clues about what your heart DESIRES (the answers ARE there). You can look at where and how you hold yourself back or small! Just by bringing attention to what holds you back, you can start to let those things go so you have more space to step into your light. These are all strategies used in coaching to help people live their lives more alive and more on purpose. These are all strategies you can use to help guide your job search in new, interesting, exciting, and unanticipated ways!

Pick one of these topics that resonate with you and start moving forward by simply journaling or reflecting on your thoughts and feelings about them. I promise you that if you make the time to really reflect, you will gain insights that will allow your light to shine brighter and find work that allows you to shine!

If you are interested, please check out my website for additional resources! I personally draw on the leadership literature as well as the fields of coaching, positive psychology, and positive organization development to help me continue to step into my light and engage in work that lights me up. Some of these sources are listed under the resources tab. If you want to look more specifically at values, please check out my self-directed program. I find that shining your light is a life-long process; it has been for me anyway. But, it is worth it! And, it will lead you to work and life experiences that bring you alive!

I’m curious! Why are you looking for a new job? What is the light that is shining in you?

Thank you for reading! Kris

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